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It has been brought to my attention that Fred Allen has publicly criticized the West Coast couples because of Randy and Chrissy's fish dying at the ramp. Criticizing privately to show your concern is one thing. But to publicly say:

"In my 28 years with the club our demeanor has changed. The handling of the fish at the weigh in was deplorable." ~Fred

Before you decide to make such a comment, you need to do the math!

"While the death rate for fish caught and immediately released by sport anglers is between 1 and 2 percent, biologists say the acceptable death rate in tournaments -- in which fish are caught, held for hours in live wells and handled before release -- is 26 to 28 percent." ~DNR Fisheries Biologist

In ALL of 2014 (last year, the WCC weighed 617 fish with 53 dead. That is 8.6% WELL BELOW (1/3) of the acceptable rate suggested by U.S. Biologist.

I went back to 2006 and pulled the numbers (We averaged 28+ boats) 694 fish caught 84 died = 12.1% ( Less than 1/2 of the "Acceptable Dead fish %" by U.S. Fisheries Biologist. (Also read this article to see that we are WAY below Mortality rates)


NON-Tournament fishing mortality rates are nearly 33%. We handle the fish with CARE and have one of the LOWEST mortality rates in most tournament across Florida and I have the data to prove it. Bashing this club will NOT BE TOLERATED as long as you are a member! If you would like to terminate your membership and bash us, then you better have the data to back it up!

NOBODY wanted their fish to die (especially when it cost them 3rd, 4th and 5th place) ANY dead fish go to charity and help FEED people. These fish went to a local family that will eat them for the next several weeks. I remember for YEARS you and Barb would keep dead fish and clean them with no complaints.

If you have anything to say or bitch about, please come to me or one of the Tournament directors or better yet Step up and volunteer to be on the committee.

Brian Crocker 813-781-0909



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